About Ability Medical

Ability Medical’s Mission is to provide each of our patients with durable medical equipment. Our products provide our customers with the best services and products. So, our products help increase comfort, mobility, and independence to complete your daily activities of living with less effort.

Ability Medical’s Vision is to be at the foreground of the rehabilitation industry. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle for our patients. We want to see all of our patients live a healthy lifestyle, with the help of our medical equipment.

Ability Medical’s Goal is to display as many products as possible. That way, you’re in control of which products you want. We provide products that will help you achieve greater mobility. Purchasing from Ability Medical gives you the freedom to spend what you want to spend, without having to wait for your insurance. In fact, you also don’t have to choose what your doctor wants. Ability Medical puts you in full control over the products you purchase and how much you can spend. So, you have the freedom to make your own decisions. Be in control of your future.

The Experience

Be part of the brand-new experience with Ability Medical Care, which launched in 2019. With our new website, you can select your preferred equipment. Products are separated between different categories to help make your search easier.

With Ability Medical, you have the ability to browse through different products. So, you have the can pick which product suits you best. When you select a product, you will see the exact dimensions of it along with other features. If you have any questions about the products, you can always call 1(800)570-9832.

What makes shopping on Ability Medical so convenient, is you can buy what you want. Therefore, you can make purchases without help from your doctor. Use your freedom to pick out which products you think will help benefit you the most. The process is swift, considering you don’t have to worry about if your insurance will cover a product. We try to get you your medical equipment as quick as possible.

Between durable medical equipment and excellent service, what more could you want? Ability Medical provides you with comfort when making a purchase. We understand it can be stressful purchasing medical equipment, which is why our website is as user-friendly as possible. Our Customer Service Specialists would be more than happy to speak with you and help you in your search for new supplies.


Buy with Confidence!

Ability Medical has a team of Assistive Technology Professionals, in our home office in Florida. As a matter of fact, we have more than 75 years of total experience and thousands of happy patients. Our website is designed to make it easier for you to purchase the products you need. We have many products on our website, with new products being updated frequently. You can schedule an appointment and visit our office to test them before buying. Buy with confidence, we are here to help you!



Ability Medical Supply

Accredited and member of

American Association for Homecare

We are a branch of Ability Medical Supply. A member of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America. Recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare, and are licensed with the state of Florida and Medicare. We are also a devoted partner of The ALS Association Florida Chapter. Since 2008, we have more than 75 years of combined experience in the field.


Ability Medical Supply

Ability Medical has made a commitment to provide quality care and services.  We provide this to people through compliance with all nationals recognized Standards and Accreditation. Also, we abide by the laws and regulations made by the State of Florida and Agency for Health Care Administration. We are authorized to operate.

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